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Use subliminal messaging techniques as BANNED by the US Government!

Our Subliminal Hypnosis CDs WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

Do you want to EFFORTLESSLY re-program your mind to gain an advantage in pursuing your goals?

Our Subliminal Hypnosis CDs will directly penetrate your subconscious mind to help you to make dramatic changes to your behavior patterns and habits. By doing this you can achieve your objectives much easier, and acheive great success in your life.

Arn't Subliminal Messages Illegal!?

Using subliminal suggestion in advertising / media has been BANNED by the American Government due to the large influence they have over the human mind! However you are allowed to use subliminal techniques on yourself, for your own personal development.

So How Exactly Do Subliminal Messages Work? 

Subliminal hypnosis is a process where information hidden or encoded and transmitted beyond conscious human levels of perception. However the information still gets processed by the unconscious workings of your mind, thereby creating positive changes without any physical activity on your part!

e.g. When you hear your name across a busy room you are able to change your focus to that exact conversation. You were listening all along, but only on the limit of your perceptionr perception. Subliminal messaging simply takes advantage of your ability; i.e. you constantly register information you are not even aware of.

The main benefit to using subliminal CDs is that you gain control of the information you are receiving. You achieve an information FOCUS - receiving repeated, positive and beneficial messages which will give you an advantage in particular areas of your life and help you to achieve specific life goals.

All you have to do is play the subliminal CD in while relaxing, or perhaps if you prefer in the background while exercising, doing your daily routine, or working to let our powerful messages enter your mind effortlessly, helping to create positive changes within your mind and to your life.

Testimonial - "Improved Social Confidence"

"many thanks for the last lot of cds. I have really felt a change in myself, particularly in social situations where before i was really self conscious, but now can talk quite easily with no background conversation going on in my head about what i should say and how i should say it. i feel confident, natural and authentic and people have said how easy i am to talk to."

(Haroon Hussain, Leeds, England)

Lifetime Guarantee

We have 1,000s of satisfied customers, we are are so confident in the benefits of our CDs that we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (unbeatable by anyone other company).

If our albums are not the quality you would expect, or do not change your life in the way you want we will give you a FULL REFUND. This guarantee does not expire, it is valid FOR LIFE!!


Testimonial -"Best CDs"

"After not expecting too much from your CDs I am actually very impressed! It arrived 2 days ago and I gave it a try straight away. The quality is excellent, and I have quite a lot of experience of hypnosis, relaxation cds and self help over the last few years. Your CDs are the best I've encountered bar none!! I'm extremely happy I found your store and I am going to order some more from you now!"

(Jane Miller, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA)

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How Are We Unique?

Many subliminal CDs are too general, the include messages that don't directly address the needs of specific albums. Some companies even sell the same CD (for general success / motivation) under different titles.

All our CDs are UNIQUE - each album is individually created for a much more effective experience.

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction, LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you do not get the results you want from our product we give a FULL REFUND.

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